In Visual Arts, students experience and explore the concepts of artist, artwork, world, and audience, looking at artwork from the viewpoints of the artist and the audience.

Students learn about visual arts practices, developing practical skills, techniques, processes, and products with a diverse range of materials.

They explore a range of forms and styles, as well as social, cultural, and historical contexts. Students develop their arts knowledge and preferences, plus a practical and critical understanding of how artists use their artworks to engage audiences and communicate meaning. Students view, manipulate, reflect on, analyse, appreciate, and evaluate their own and others’ visual arts works.


Learning tasks are designed to utilise students’ personal observations, sensory expression and imagination; developing skills in drawing, design and painting, as well as increasing their creative knowledge and understanding of past histories and heritage, and to further improve their aesthetic skills. Students are introduced to a wide variety of methods and materials, while developing their techniques and skills to produce creative practical pieces. Students plan their art-making in response to exploration of techniques and processes used in their own and others’ artworks.


Subjects taught in Visual Arts are as follows:

  • Year 5-10 Art
  • SACE Stage 1 Visual Arts/Design
  • SACE Stage 2 Visual Arts/Design