Senior Years

The Senior School targets the specific needs of students through relationship building and quality course-counselling.

Students will be adequately prepared for life outside of school with any ambition they wish to pursue. Students are mentored and guided through subject-selection to determine the best suited subjects for their career path.

Through tailored support and emotional growth, students are guided through the transitional period from Middle to Senior School. They then build the skills and attributes that are needed to thriving members of the community and beyond.

The Senior School at Karoonda Area School consists of Years 10–12.


Senior Years 10 – 12


  • Informative Course Counselling that allows students to get a head start in their future by selecting topics and areas they are passionate about.
  • Encouraging all students to succeed both in the class and in the broad
  • Develop and provide exceptional Mental Health strategies through the extensive delivery of the Resilience Project in Pastoral Care lessons.
  • Enriching relationships with peers and teachers to ensure each student feels a sense of belonging at school.
  • Encouraging peer feedback and goal setting to track and monitor student progress.
  • Offer opportunity and encouragement for students to participate in co-curricular and extra curricular activities and community involvement programs to develop independence, responsibility, physical and mental wellbeing and resilience. These programs include: School sports, Knock-out sports, Lego league, Tech girls, Children’s University, Career Education and School camps/excursions.
  • Encourage students to become more active citizens by enhancing leadership skills with opportunities like SRC and House Captains.