Middle Years

The Middle School focuses on promoting student growth through a number of curricular and extracurricular activities.

We value resilient leaders and believe this area of learning is crucial to the development of personal and social skills in order to be active members of the community. Karoonda Area School focuses on placing the needs of our students first, through the intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of each person. Quality curriculum is essential in the Middle Years as the students transition into the Senior Years at Karoonda Area School, we therefore pride ourselves on the ability to prepare students as they develop into leaders of the school and the community.

The Middle School at Karoonda Area School consists of Years 7–9.


Middle School Years 7 – 9


  • Setting students up for a safe transition from year levels as students change and grow.
  • Support students through all year levels with quality teaching and curriculum delivered.
  • Providing a sound environment for learning that is structured but also contains aspects for student growth through choice subjects.
  • Developing quality communication and teamwork skills in all students.
  • Enhancing student knowledge through extra-curricular activities which allows all students to experience success within the classroom, the broader community or the workplace.
  • Develop and provide exceptional Mental Health strategies through the extensive delivery of the Resilience Project in Pastoral Care lessons.
  • Enriching relationships with peers and teachers to ensure each student feels a sense of belonging at school.
  • Encourage students to continue to develop their leadership skills and provide opportunity for meaningful student leadership
  • Offer opportunity and encouragement for students to participate in co-curricular and extra curricular activities and community involvement programs to develop independence, responsibility, physical and mental wellbeing and resilience. These programs include: School sports, Knock-out sports, Lego league, Tech girls, Children’s University, Career Education and School camps/excursions.