Our students are given opportunities to become resilient leaders in the community.

One such pathway is through the Student Representative Council. Each year, all classes elect representatives that take their voice to the SRC and action projects and improvements around the school.

The SRC has 2 houses – the Primary SRC for students in Reception – Year 6, and the Secondary SRC for students in Years 7-12. The Primary students lead the primary assemblies held regularly throughout the term and develop confidence and public speaking through their experience. The Secondary students undertake fundraising and school improvement projects that continue to give back to future generations.

SRC at Karoonda

Through participating in SRC, you will be actively involved in:
● Developing personal and community leadership skills
● Making decisions to improve and enhance the school
● Increase your awareness of local and global issues
● Taking action to improve the school’s environment

All SRC representatives must embody the school values:
● Respect
● Honesty
● Success

A high level of commitment and attendance at meetings is expected.