School Sports

At Karoonda Area School, we have a strong emphasis in community sport and encouraging students  to achieve sporting success at the highest level.

Our SAPSASA focus encourages all students in  primary school to participate in a range of sports including; Football, Netball, Athletics, Swimming,  Cricket, Softball, Soccer, etc. This process involves the Murray Mallee zone where students will play  in specific carnivals with the aim to experience sport at a higher level. Students get the opportunity  to collaborate with students from other schools in the zone. For the Middle and Secondary School, students have the opportunity to participate in Knock-Out Sports across the year. Knock-Out Sports is a State-wide competition in a variety of sports across all middle and senior year levels. Students will be able to collaborate with students from around the zone and compete at a higher level, compared to local sport. 


School Sport at Karoonda

School Sports is a fantastic initiative which concentrates on students  representing the school in a variety of sports. These tournaments are usually held once a term and  involve students from our Middle and Senior School, competing against students from other schools  in the region in unique sports like; Mixed Netball, Nine-a-Side Football, Super-8s Cricket, Tag Rugby  and Ultimate Frisbee. These sports promote participation and a chance for students from our school  to take part in unique sports with their peers. 

Our Athletics Day and Swimming Carnival are competitive events that take part once a year. These  highly anticipated days involve our two houses, Billiatt and Lowan, competing against one another to  score the most points at the end of the day. The two days are a highlight on the school calendar as  students, teachers, parents and members of the community combine together to support and  encourage our athletes. If successful in a particular event, students may have the opportunity to  compete at a higher level at the Inter-School carnivals to verse students from other schools in the  zone. Once again, if successful at Inter-School, students will then have the opportunity to compete  at State level at the School Sport South Australia (SSSA) carnivals in Adelaide. 

The House Cup is an inclusive, annual competition that promotes students of all abilities. House  points from Athletics Day and the Swimming Carnival are combined with points students can score  throughout the year from a variety of sources that underpin our school values – Respect, Honesty  and Success. Lowan and Billiatt once again go head to head in the school wide competition as the  winner is announced on the last day of school and receives the prestigious House Cup.