At Karoonda Preschool our children build a strong sense of belonging in a calm, welcoming and safe learning environment. Our young, developing learners thrive through hands-on, play-based experiences, with their interests and voice at the centre of our program. We believe that every child is unique and learns and develops at their own pace.

Our Preschool is family oriented and educators work in partnership with families to enhance each child’s holistic developmental needs. We always welcome and encourage family involvement.

We have an emphasis on supporting children’s oral language skills as the foundation for future literacy development. We value nature and mud play to foster a love for this earth and explore deep connections to our environment and loose parts play to spark curiosity and creativity in sustainable and natural ways. We empower children to become problem solvers and risk takers and promote healthy habits for building resilience and becoming life-long learners.

Our Preschool

As a site-based Preschool on the grounds of Karoonda Area School, we are actively involved in the school and wider local community. At school, we share our achievements at regular Primary Assemblies, collaborate during weekly Shared Play sessions with the Receptions and engage in learning at the School Community Library and in the Agriculture Area. Within the Karoonda community, we make connections with Mallee Kids Childcare and other community businesses and engage in events including the SALA Festival and the Farm Fair & Show.

Excitingly, in 2023, the Preschool facility will have some major renovations to become our new Early Years Learning Hub for the high quality, inquiry-based education of our Preschool and Reception children. Our Early Years have a strong culture of connectedness and continuity of learning and continues to evolve as we grow.