Physical Education

Health and Physical Education at Karoonda allows students to express themselves physically by taking part in a number of sports and complex activities.

These activities are often linked to Athletics & Swimming Carnivals and School Sports. At KAS, there is a strong emphasis on knowledge of game concepts and skills, not the physical ability to complete these aspects.

This allows PE to be an inclusive environment for all students as we promote equality and participation. The program encompasses many cross curricula properties, not just physical activity.


Physical Education

Our SEPEP program is a fantastic display of both literacy, numeracy and physical activity becoming one entity. At KAS, we also offer an extensive SHINE Unit which concentrates on Relationships and Sexual Health.

These lessons are held in safe places with parent permission, with the sole purpose of putting the students first. Our PE cohort is student led with expert teachers facilitating student growth. Our Gymnasium, spacious oval and recently upgraded Basketball/Netball courts showcase our ability to be able to conduct a variety of sports and activities.